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We all have history, but has it been documented?

What do you know of your family's history?

What do your children or grand-children know about their family history?

Do you wish to document your history before it is too late?


Here is an opportunity to connect the dots, to connect the generations in your family and document your history.

The Generation Videos Project provides a video production solution

to documenting your family history.  We provide the production capability to video and edit interviews with family members, so that your valuable family history is told, preserved and passed onto

the next generation. 


The Generation Videos Project is managed by award winning video producer / director with over 30 years of production history – Sean Meltzer.

   Additional Production Services,
                     Researcher or interviewer 
          8mm or 16mm
 film transfer services                               Videotape to digital transfers
                        Photograph scanning



Affordable video packages

Taking Photos


Video interview.
Basic edit to create a completed interview Including up to 10 photos

Supplied on USB MP4 format

$1250 plus gst

Video Camera


Video interview, 

Advanced edit with up to 5 individual chapters,

and up to 5 photos per chapter ( 25 photos)

Supplied on USB MP4 format

$2000 plus gst

Video Camera


Video interview – Advanced edit with up to 10 individual chapters. Up to 10 photos per chapter or extracts from family video included in each chapter

Supplied on USB in MP4 format

$2750 plus gst

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